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November 02, 2010

Fish and Chips

I used a mandolin to slice the potato and punch the design out with my tools.


  1. WOW, you liked my saggy polenta?!?! Beautiful designs, I look forward to following your blog and seeing more.. and maybe learning a few things.

    The biggest styling I have done is tying lemon peels into knots and making origami paper holders for truffles (those will be on my website next month!) Which is to say... very little styling at all!



    P.S. I used to work for UCSF, too! Though it was in the 90's and I never got to deal with accounting directly- being a secretary who kept track of expenditures of grants for scientific research at the Cardiovascular Institute I only worked with the accounting liaison!

  2. thank you for visiting my blog and leavin gnice words.
    this seems to be the real fish and chips with this awesome work ! happy to follow your space

  3. Haha! Literally 'fish' and chips! I love this one!


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