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November 15, 2010

Cinderella Was A Vegan

This is how the story goes. The prince found the slipper, drank from it and ate it too. And so they lived healthily ever after. No, I found an oddly shaped carrot at the Farmer's Market and I thought of carving this for you.


  1. Thanks, you make me like a princess ♥

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!! goodness !!!! how do u manage to do it?????????????too good:-)

  3. Hello, good morning!

    Very glad to receive your visit in EternosPrazeres,

    If I may say you are the Michelangelo himself in the kitchen, and
    I am very happy to come here, the posts are magnificent!

    My pleasure to meet you and your fantastic blog

    Nice to meet you,
    I'm Renata Boechat,
    Minas Gerais, Brasil

  4. 0_0 this shoe is amazing!!! I love your blog and food art! cheers!

  5. Gracias por visitarme, me parece interesante tu blog, lástima que no entiendo nada en inglés!

  6. Hi Arthur, Nice to meet you! Beautiful food creations!!!

    Cheers from New Zealand, Aldy :)

  7. This is a carrot? It is a work of art even. Congratulations.

    Your blog is amazing

    hug and success
    Daniel Moura

  8. Arthur, I hope this carrot shoe is in my size! Superb carving, love it.

  9. Wow!!!! Beautiful food creations... love to follow your lovely blog.

  10. Thank you very much indeed for your inspiring comments! Makes me want to ask for all of your shoe sizes and carve them with the vegetable of your choice! Cheers!


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