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November 28, 2010

Crispy Duck

There was no leftover turkey but there was a whole roast duck brought by one of the guests. I thought of some appetizer to serve the following day for the ones who stayed over. Something that might resemble Peking duck or at least taste like it. This is what I made for you too.
Here's the duck ready to be skinned roasted.  Cut skin lengthwise at the middle and insert fingers to loosen the fatty skin. When it is completely divested  scrape layer of fat with a spoon. You have to remove fat to crisp the skin.
 I use a portable turbo oven because you can drape the skin on the elevated tray to have an even crisp. You could use a cookie rack in your oven and it will do the same job. It should start crisping after 10 minutes or so. Check for doneness for it could burn easily. When crisp cut into strips.

Cut a square spring roll wrapper into half making 2 triangles. Roll each into a cone and paste the corner with a dab of flour and water mixture. That will hold the cone in place. Stuff the cones pieces of crumpled aluminum foil to prevent them from collapsing. Flatten them a bit to make them bite size and  brush them with oil generously. Bake until golden brown in 350 degree F oven. They should turn really crisp after 12 minutes or so.
The stuffings are the crisp skin and chopped duck, hoisin sauce and shredded white scallions. Brush a dab of hoisin sauce first inside the cone and put the rest of the ingredients as you like.
Here is the assembled crispy duck cone. Enjoy!


  1. Me parece sencillamente delicioso!!
    Gracias por pasar por mi blog.

  2. I m going to try this...fab recipe..!
    First time here...awesome space..

    Am your happy follower now..

    Do drop in at my space sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  3. Vaya cono más rico, tiene una pinta bueníma, es muy original


  4. This food is beautiful and tasty. I'll do here in Brazil

    Daniel Moura

  5. Muchísimas gracias por tu comehtario,me ha hecho mucha ilusión recibirlo!!!... Pero ke maravilla de plato por favor, me has dejao con la boca abierta!!! Te sigo para no perderme nada de nada!!!... Me kedo un ratito por akí!

    Besos y gracias por pasarte por mi blog!

  6. am not a fan of duck, but this idea sounds great and looks wonderful, am sure to use this idea with chicken for sure. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for ur words of appreciation :)

  7. Gracias por pasearte por mi blog, yo me enamoré del tuyo y seguiré navegando para ver las excelentes recetas que tienes ,felicitaciones y muchos cariños para tí.

  8. Me encantó tu blog,muy rica y linda receta de los conos,felicidades y gracias por tus comentarios,pasearé y aprenderé de tus maravillas en tu blog,cariños.

  9. "Wow" I commend you for doing such a FINE work! I was truly impressed especially on your carvings! A real work of art! It's fabulous, creative, and yummy looking!!!! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!
    Keep up the good work. I'm so proud to be your cousin!

    Nora Bonifacio-Saulog

  10. grande ricetta e presentati in modo che nessuno può resistere
    Mil besossss

  11. stupendi!!! complimenti per il blog...

  12. oh wow!! that looks wonderful!!i love duck!!

  13. Ciao,
    grazie per la visita al mio blog.
    La ricambio e devo dire che il tuo blog mi piace molto. Così mi sono aggiunto ai tuoi Followers ed ho messo il link del blog nella mia blogroll amici.
    Ciao e complimenti ancora

  14. wow!xllnt recipe...looks gr8!
    tnx for stopping by....

  15. of my favorite dishes. I can't stop eating these! I so need to eat some right now! Great great pix!

  16. WOOOAAAAHHHHH *drool* you have just hit my weak spot... DUCK. I am speechless. Yummmooo!!

  17. No one brought duck to our celebration- but my son and dil had some- I'm going to see if they saved any- this looks delicious.Thanks for sharing!

  18. I was looking your blog, it's amazing what you do. thaks a lot for your commentaire in my blog.


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