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November 08, 2010

Coconut Slush

I tried this beauty in Bangkok and I was just refreshed to no end! Young coconuts are now come-at-able anywhere these days, thanks for that. For 3 servings freeze 2 cups of coconut water and 1 cup to add to the blender later to make the slush. Break the frozen coconut water into ice cube sizes and blend together with the other cup. You can sweeten it with granulated sugar according to taste. Shovel the slush into a cold bowl and fold in the soft gelatinous coconut meat and serve in a half of a shell if you wish.

The best and safest way to open a young coconut is to cut off the the husk around the upper middle part to expose the shell. Remember to always slice away from you. Hold  the coconut on its side and give it a nice chop with the blunt side of a cleaver or a wooden chopping board with a handle. It should crack with one blow, if not give it another. Make sure you do this over a wide bowl to catch all the sweet water. Pry it open and enjoy.
For this recipe the young coconut meat should look like this,soft and tender.

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