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November 05, 2010

Pine Cone Potato

I saw a pine cone fall from the tree so hard on a bed of pine needles that it dispersed its own seeds. It was another tasty idea. I fried and stuffed the potato then used Japanese mandolin to make the crisp needles. The scattered pine nuts were slightly toasted for garnishing.


  1. Ricambio la visita e ti ringrazio per i complimenti, sei gentilissimo/a...
    Sembri originalissimo/a...complimenti anche a te!
    A presto!

  2. The other night I had a dream that I made a potato pinecone! When i woke up I googled it to see if there were a way to make one...thank you so much for sharing this inspiration, pray tell, how did you carve the potato and is it a white or a sweet potato/yam?


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