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November 09, 2010

Honey Dew Pod

My friends were just enthralled when I served this sugarless dessert. Each one had a pod of honey dew on their plate. The peas were about an inch in diameter and the shell nine. I used a green daikon to carve the casing.


  1. Ciao Arthur grazie della visita... siamo diventati tuoi seguitori e se vorrai contraccambiare ci farà piacere, cosi non ci perderemo di vista ...
    un saluto dai viaggiatori golosi...

  2. Arthur, I have just finished peeling a honeydew melon in my kitchen and then I clicked on your blog and you give us this! How amazing is that? You're the true artist, not me. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, really appreciate it and so looking forward to your future creations, both edible and otherwise!

  3. How beautiful and imaginative. I will be checking in regularly for inspiration.


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