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June 23, 2011

Yellow Zucchini with Thai Basil Chicken

The Farmer's market is where you find the freshest and the most colorful produce. I saw these globe zucchini and had to have them if only for their shape and color. I have tested  them before in the kitchen with lots of good results. The yellow ones are most fun to work with. Beautiful as they are already, simple lines will do for design. I'll reserve the green squash for something else.
To begin, hallow out the zucchini as much as you can with a melon baller and make some simple designs on the skin if you wish.
Then prepare the Thai basil chicken. 

1 sprig of Thai basil,chopped and for garnish
1 pound of ground chicken
2 kafir lime leaves chiffonade finely
4 cloves of garlic minced
2 shallots minced
a knob of ginger minced
2 stalks of lemon grass, tender part minced
palm sugar and fish sauce to tates
mild red chili and black pepper to spice it up
a squeeze of 1 lime

Sautee the fresh condiments in a little oil first until fragrant and then add chicken to brown slightly.
Stuff the zucchini well packed and cook each one in the microwave oven for 2 minutes. I found this method better than steaming or in a conventional oven for it does not leave the squash mushy, overcooked or colorless but perfectly cooked.

Garnish with Thai basil and serve.
I made a green one for you too.



  1. This is most definitely art! What a fabulous way to take a simple squash and bring it to a whole new level. The presentation is beautiful.


  2. amazing wonderful dish but carving is fabulous

  3. Me encanta venir acá!! Is amazing and original all you make dear Michelangelo! gloria

  4. beautiful containers for a delicious recipe.

    Nice Day Michel!

  5. me encanta la presentación, super original

  6. Great idea, I think I could pull this one off!

  7. Belle!!Non le avevo mai viste gialle così!So beautiful!! ;)

  8. Very gorgeous crafty presentation.... I admire your carving skills!

  9. Zucchini have never been so interesting. You manage to take something ordinary and turn it into something completely extraordinary! That's because you are Michelangelo!

  10. How pretty! And cute too! Love the stuffing ... yum! Basil is one of my favorite herbs. This would be so perfect for a party and beautifully portioned out even.

  11. che meraviglia!!! anche delle zucchine semplici diventano opere d'arte!!! mi stupisci ogni volta di più, complimenti! un bacione!

  12. Thank you much for such an original and very beautiful dish!

  13. i think these are cute! like the lamp that aladdin is holding!! i'll eat the meat and keep the lamp..i mean the zucchini!

  14. I have a mass of green ones in the garden perhaps I should try some art on them this looks so interesting. Diane

  15. These are just amazing...
    love little globe squash and lovely recipe :)

  16. I had been planning to make these globe zucchinis and you have taken it one step further with these beautiful and elegant decorations~Bravo.

  17. Glad I didn't miss this post. Just wonderful!


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